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Are You Prepared for Critical Illness?

Getting sick is inevitable, but you can prepare for it

Sickness and disease. These two words concern us a lot because the thought of them keeps us from living and enjoying life - being bedridden or confined in a hospital is no fun at all. But what worries people the most is being diagnosed, and dealing with, critical illness.

What is a critical illness?

Critical illness is a life-threatening condition. If left untreated, a critical illness can impair your ability to live properly and may result in death. Over 40% of the deaths in Myanmar are caused by serious or critical illnesses such as stroke, cancer, heart, lung, and liver disease. However, as medical technology advances day by day, we can now detect life-threatening diseases faster and you have a higher chance of getting a cure.

What does having a critical illness mean for you and your family?

Without question, a critical illness can be a frightening dilemma. It is a source of severe physical and emotional distress and it places a huge burden on the family’s finances. If you think you don’t have the resources to pay for hospital bills and doctor’s fees, you are not alone.

We, at Manulife, are here to support and guide Myanmar families in achieving a better future with the right insurance and financial advice because that's worth protecting. We are on a mission to help Myanmar families in making smart financial decisions that enable you to secure a better life today and tomorrow.

Is there a way to ease the financial burden of a critical illness?

Yes, with the right plan - Manulife Critical Illness Care that provides f­inancial support to fund your treatment against life-threatening illnesses. Manulife Critical Illness Care is available together with Manulife Protector and will increase the level of your coverage with only a little extra premium.  

Moreover, you can enjoy “Waiver of Premium Benefit” with this plan: future premium payments for Manulife Protector are waived (paid by Manulife) upon payment of critical illness benefit so that you can focus on getting better without worry about paying premiums for Manulife Protector, while also keeping maturity benefit and remaining protection benefit of Manulife Protector in force.

Your family and your health, that’s worth protecting.

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