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Celebrating talent and encouraging diversity

Everything we do is designed to make decisions easier, so people can lead better lives. We are lucky to have a diverse and talented team that makes this a reality. Continuing to grow and nurture our talent is of utmost importance, so we can continue delivering on our promise to customers.


Fundamental to the success of Manulife’s transformation is fostering a culture that is inclusive, engages every employee, and offers talented people a compelling reason to join us and build a career with our company.


Here are some ways we’re helping to drive change and unlock career opportunities for our people and the communities in which we operate:

  • Our global diversity and inclusion (D&I) aspiration is to cultivate a diverse and inclusive workplace, in which all employees are encouraged to bring their authentic and whole self to work, enabling and inspiring them to thrive personally and professionally so that they can best serve our customers, business partners and communities
  • Our Women in Leadership programme, conducted in Hong Kong for qualifying staff from Asia, is specifically designed for female leaders who want to explore, practise and develop their skills in effectively influencing others to achieve exceptional results. This programme provides women with the opportunity to stretch and develop, as well as explore new ways to articulate vision, build buy-in, overcome common communication blocks and truly lead, collaborate with, and challenge ourselves and others at all levels of the organisation.
  • Global Women’s Alliance (Philippines Charter)
    Our Global Women’s Alliance (GWA) launched in June 2015 and aims to elevate the profile of women across the organisation through empowerment and inspiration. GWA provides a network in which women can mentor each other, share experiences and resources for success, and ultimately help one another in designing fulfilling career paths. The GWA also gives back to the community, for example with ACAY Missions Philippines, where corporate clothing is donated to young women to help them as they start the process of looking for jobs. We believe in supporting the attraction, development, and advancement of women in the workforce
  • Global Women’s Alliance (Singapore Charter)
    Global Women’s Alliance (GWA) in Singapore takes the lead in supporting women employees and leaders in Manulife, towards Diversity and Inclusion (D&I). It drives charity and fundraising activities for the company, and organises a yearly donation drive to collect grocery items for a women and children’s shelter, Star Shelter from Singapore Council of Women’s Organisation (SCWO). Manulife donates a sum equivalent to the value of the total goods collected from staff.
    As part of its philanthropic efforts to help women in-need, the committee conducts resume-writing and interview coaching sessions to help mothers from low-income families
  • Mentoring Programmes (Hong Kong Charter)
    Having a trusted mentor can have a huge impact on career progression. As well as providing benefits to both the mentor and mentee, mentoring has a positive impact on culture and productivity.
    We offer several mentoring programmes, as part of our GWA Hong Kong charter, to provide employees with career inspiration and guidance:
    • Group mentoring: An active community to share experience and insights for common mentoring needs at each career stage
    • One-to-one mentoring: A personalised one-to-one mentoring programme
    • Reverse mentoring: An experienced executive is paired with and mentored by a younger employee that has different expertise and perspectives, so they can explore mutual areas of interest


From student talent to seasoned leaders, we know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Interested in helping us transform the lives of millions around the world?

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