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Financial solution and protection for you and your family

Why you should get it?

Protect your family by protecting yourself. Get covered through different stages of life with Manulife Protector - a life insurance plan designed to financially protect you and your family against death, total and permanent disability while providing long term savings if the protection is not needed. Your life, that’s worth protecting.


Be protected against death and total and permanent disability.

Financial protection.

Receive 200% of the face amount in case of death and total and permanent disability and additional 200% of the sum insured if caused by an accident.

Maturity benefit and cash value.

Receive 100% of face amount on the maturity date of your policy if you do not use the protection. Your policy will also grow savings in the form of cash value.

Flexible terms.

Choose a term that fits your budget and protection needs. We have a 10-year plan payable for 10 years and a 20-year plan payable for 20 years.

Tax benefit.

Premium is a deductible expense from your income.

Special benefits to financially protect you for COVID-19 (up to 31st December 2020)

Diagnosis benefit

Eligibility: Policy life insured and immediate family members (maximum of 4 payment per family).

600,000 MMK payout upon diagnosis of COVID-19. 

ICU benefit

Eligibility: Policy life insured only
600,000 MMK payout upon hospitalization in ICU due to COVID-19.

Death benefit

Eligibility: Policy life insured only
6,000,000 MMK payout upon death due to COVID-19.

Want to know more about Manulife Protector?


The life insured must be at least 16 years old. The oldest age the life insured can be is 55 for the 10 year plan and 45 for the 20 year plan.

You can purchase a plan with a face amount as little as MMK 5,000,000.

The policy will end when benefit amount or maturity benefit is paid.

Yes, you are allowed to cancel at any time and you will receive the cash value. The cash value will increase over time so please consider carefully before cancelling.

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