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Financial solution and protection for you and your family

What is Manulife Critical Illness Care?

Protect your family from financial burden against life-threatening illnesses. We will provide financial support against critical illnesses, so you can focus on getting better.

Manulife Critical Illness Care is a rider and is attachable to Manulife Protector. 

Your health, that’s worth protecting.


Manulife Critical Illness Care Benefits

Receive 100% of the face amount for critical illness.

Waiting Period: 90 Days.

Future premium payments for Manulife Protector are waived (paid by Manulife) upon payment of critical illness.

Premium is a deductible expense from your income.

Enjoy better coverage at a minimum premium.

Note: Critical illness benefit payment will be deducted from Death & Total Permanent Disability benefit. 



Financial support for treatment of these critical illnesses:

Major Cancer

Major Stroke

Heart Attack 

Coronary Artery
Bypass Surgery

Open Surgery to Aorta

End-stage Lung Disease

End-stage Liver Failure

Kidney Failure

Major Organ Transplantation


Want to know more about Manulife Critical Illness Care?


The life insured must be at least 16 years old. The oldest age the life insured can be is 55 for the 10 year plan and 45 for the 20 year plan.

This refers to an additional optional provision to your insurance policy. A rider increases the level of your coverage with only a little extra premium.

Waiting period refers to the period in which we need to observe the health of the policyholder for a short period of time after your policy is issued and there will be no benefit paid out for the meantime. 
For critical illness, the waiting period is 90 days from the policy effective date/issue date or reinstatement date, whichever is later.

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