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Financial support for your child’s brighter tomorrow

Why you should get it?

We know that your child's future is worth protecting, so help them reach their dreams by saving now with Manulife Double Benefit Education Life and Education Life. Your child’s education, that’s worth protecting.

Education benefit

You or your beneficiary will receive 20% of the sum insured each year starting at

the end of premium payment period for 5 years.

Waiver of premium benefit

If you become permanently disabled or pass away, all future premiums due will be waived.

Double benefit

If you select the Double Benefit, your beneficiaries will also receive 100% of the sum insured if you become permanent disabled or pass away.

Flexible payment terms

9-year plan with premiums payable for 5 years.

11-year plan with premiums payable for 7 years.

14-year plan with premiums payable for 10 years.

Tax benefit.

Premium is a deductible expense from your income.

Special benefits to financially protect you for COVID-19
Campaign period is extended to March 31, 2021.

Diagnosis benefit

Eligibility: In order to claim diagnosis benefit under this campaign, the life insured has to be (necessarily) infected from COVID-19. Subsequently, this benefit may be extended to the immediate family members (up to 3 members) residing together upon their contraction of COVID-19 as well.

600,000 MMK payout upon diagnosis of COVID-19. 

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ICU benefit

Eligibility: Policy life insured only
600,000 MMK payout upon hospitalization in ICU due to COVID-19.

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Death benefit

Eligibility: Policy life insured only
6,000,000 MMK payout upon death due to COVID-19.

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Want to know more about Manulife Education Life?


The minimum issue age is 18 years old. The maximum issue age for 9 years plan term is 56 years old, for the 11-years plan term, it is 54 years old and for the 14 years plan term, it is 51 years old.

You can start an educational plan with face amount of MMK 5,000,000 and up to MMK 100,000,000.

You can pay them annually or semi-annually during your premium payment period.

You can pay your premiums by cash, and through select banks and their digital payment options.

Your policy will terminate after the last education benefit payment has been made.

Yes, you are allowed to cancel at any time and you will receive the cash value. The cash value will increase over time so please consider carefully before canceling.

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