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Introducing Myanmar’s First Life Insurance: covers Chronic Diseases, rewards Healthy Lifestyle with Bonus Return!

What is Manulife Care Plus?

Are you looking for a life insurance policy that not only gives you peace of mind but also acts as a savings for your future health needs? Look no further. Manulife Care Plus is here for you!

With Manulife Care Plus, you and your family are financially protected in time of unfortunate event (death or total permanent disability [TPD]) or you can enjoy Maturity Benefit as your savings. You also have the option to take out a portion of those benefits earlier when you need it for hospitalization, ICU admission or to support a chronic disease. Moreover, you have the ability to grow your savings by being health conscious!

Manulife Care Plus Benefits

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family is covered up to 200% of Face Amount in case of Death or Total and Permanent Disability

Set aside a fund for a rainy day and enjoy its growth through Bonus Return!

Flexible option to take out a portion of benefits earlier when you need it to support a chronic disease or for emergency hospitalization

Be health conscious and stay healthy to grow your savings through Bonus Return!

Details of Manulife Care Plus:

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Individuals aged between 6 months and 65-years old minus policy term are eligible to buy Manulife Care Plus Life Insurance.

The minimum sum that can be insured is 1 million MMK.

If issue age of Life Insured is less than 5 years, you can choose 5 years policy term.

If issue age of Life Insured is equal or greater than 5 years, you can choose 5- or 10-year policy terms.

For 5 years policy term, premium payment term is 2 years and for 10 years policy term, you can choose 2 years or 4 years premium term.

On top of the high coverage on death and total permanent disability upon any unfortunate event, customer is entitled to accelerated health benefits which provides access to policy value upon the covered health conditions during the policy term. At the end of the policy, customers can receive back the policy value as maturity benefit, with additional return from medical checkup bonus and no claim bonus.

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