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Improving financial wellbeing

Managing money and investing can feel intimidating, from your first paycheck and even through to your last days before retirement. That’s why we’re teaming up with organisations throughout Asia to make the complex world of financial services easier to understand, and help people feel supported every step of the way. Here are three ways we’re encouraging financial wellbeing within the communities we serve:

  • Building financial literacy from a young age. Getting money smart as a student leads to greater payoffs as an adult. Our goal is to increase financial inclusion in each country we operate in, so we can help the next generation safeguard their future, and we’re doing this by working with public schools across Asia.
    In the Philippines, Peso Smart is a series of classes designed to teach public school students the basics of saving and investing. Manulife Philippines employees serve as weekly mentors to students at five elementary schools across the country. As a final project, students are asked to create and present a financial plan for their family using what they learn during the programme – a practical application that can last for life.
  • Reframing what success looks like. Being successful is not always a matter of having a certain income, but more about planning and managing more wisely. Our ‘Curhat Cerdas Finansial’ sharing sessions in Indonesia help younger generations think differently about money. These informal events targeted at university students and young professionals touch on topics such as how to manage finances more intelligently and how having the right financial solution can help you achieve financial freedom.
    Manulife Indonesia employees, including Henry Widago, Head of Brand & Product Campaigns and Novita Rumngangun, Director & Chief Marketing Officer, shared their own personal stories and advice with those from Danone Indonesia, Santika Hotel, and Multimedia Nusantara University.
  • Helping kids and their support network. In Indonesia, we combined the power of two successful programmes that provide financial education and storytelling to students to make even more of an impact. Integrating the CSR Zoning Program and the popular Manulife DO IT TV program, we brought a live event to a middle school in East Jakarta that was attended by 200 students and 58 teachers.
    At the event, Novita Rumngangun, Director & Chief Marketing Officer of Manulife Indonesia, along with Ari Wibowo, a well-known Indonesian actor, discussed financial planning with the theme 'Curi Start Dana Pendidikan Buah Hati’ (Start Early for Your Children’s Educational Fund). In addition, Manulife Indonesia provided accident insurance with coverage of up to 100 million [Indonesia Rupiah] to the school’s staff to demonstrate our dedication to financial literacy and inclusion.

Whether you're in still in school, starting your first job, or established and looking to make the most out of your investments - we're here to help.

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