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Let’s Make Contact with Our Hero Advisors, To Be A Better Tomorrow   

If you want to give a secure future for yourself or your beloved ones, or if you don’t want to be worried about the financial plan in your future way, you may need to consider choosing a life plan that works best for you. The best Insurance Advisors, Manulife Myanmar’s Hero Advisors are ready to discuss with you to choose the best life insurance product.

Let’s get in touch with two Hero Advisors for this time.

Ma Tin Tin Moe

Unit Manager – Yangon

Ma Tin Tin Moe, who has strongly desire for helping our Myanmar people and families to have financial protection for themselves as well as for their beloved ones for their future. She also realizes that she has the opportunity to build the career while making a positive contribution to the lives of those she serves. Besides, working as an Insurance Advisor, she can have a lot of flexibility and she can work on her own as well.  

You may consult in detail appropriate to your desire with our Hero Advisor “Tin Tin Moe”.  


Ko Than Htike Soe

Insurance Advisor (Unit Manager – Yangon)

As an Insurance Advisor, he wants to consistently give the best life insurance services to his friends and clients. The main purpose of having life insurance is for your long-term savings, stable financial protection for your family’s future, other protection benefits which he consults with and gives service his clients for the plan that will give them the best protection.  

To get the great life insurance tips, keep in touch with one of our Manulife Myanmar’s Hero Advisors, Than Htike Soe. 

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