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My dearest friend, 

Letter of Experiences 


My dearest friend, 

How about you and your family? Is it okay there? Me and my family are okay too. In recent months, we have been affected by COVID-19. We felt very bad symptoms. My wife has been facing a little trouble in her work and we had a financial burden at that moment. I even wanted to tell you in the beginning, but I felt a little embarrassed. 

Honestly, my last year has been a mess. Also, I was very confused and didn’t know even better what I should do next. At the same, I’d be more focused on thinking more and more for my future continuously. Now I got a great relief and I want to share this. This is the reason why I write a letter to you. 

I bought life insurance. At first, I didn’t notice what life insurance was. I was so surprised when the other friend just told me that he had very calmed down after buying life insurance. Does life insurance give peace of mind? You and I are the types of calm and never think too much, right? There I discussed with an insurance advisor from Manulife Myanmar. We, the two of us discussed my monthly income, my family goals, and how much do I have to save in the future. I just told my family goals and there has an only point that what I want to do can’t be ruined for any reason for my family. Even if I’m gone, life insurance will take care of and protect my family on behalf of me. 

I was very satisfied, relieved, and happy when I heard that. You know, also you and I want to be the best heads of households who take full responsibilities for our families. Thus why I want to tell you what I did in the last year because I knew that you will be also as tired in that year as I am. 

Now, the time of the new year. So, we need to make sure everything and prepare for the next years ahead. That is why I am writing this letter to you to give priority to buying life insurance at the beginning of the new year. I believe in you that you’re really interested. Ring this number 09765467100 to find out more information about life insurance. This is Manulife Myanmar’s Customer Service phone number and when you call them, they will explain in more detail. 

I hope to read your reply letter sooner. Always praying for the health and prosperity of your entire family.                                                                                      
                                                                                                            Your Best Friend,   


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